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5 Easiest Backyard Patio Ideas

Easiest Backyard Patio Ideas

Let's state the obvious, an inviting outdoor living space will add major value to your house. Your backyard patio begins with an idea that are possible. To begin, your backyard should be an outdoor living space that represents the style of the interior and exterior finishes of the home.

Today, you are here to find out how to take the landscape and transform it with a patio design. A customized patio is a feature space in your landscape. So, it's important to do it correctly. The question often asked is " how do I take my yard ideas and make them a reality?"

Here are 3 must haves in your outdoor living space.

Your outdoor space is going to need a concrete patio in order to give you a solid foundation. Concrete is a perfect option to exist under your covered patio. This is a go to patio idea that will give you a beautiful space.

Consider your concrete patio to be staple in your patio design. since, concrete is such a versatile material, it is an under-rated option, and great addition to your yard. If you have a household that really enjoys entertaining on a budget, then a concrete patio is a perfect option.

Most creative ideas start with something simple in your patio design. So, a nice affordable hard surface will be a great gathering space for a sitting area. Now in your outdoor oasis, don't forget about furniture. A great sitting space requires comfortable seating in your patio. Also, patios that look for a more formal approach; consider a dining table.

Your, patio design is what will make your patio area pop. This is a how you take your backyard patio ideas and turn them into reality. Lastly, for your patio to standout, consider a pergola. A pergola will truly enhance your patio and turn your yard into the go to place.

1) You must have a design theme for your patio.

A beautiful backyard patio starts with choosing the right landscape theme. Establish your patio theme before buying furniture or building structures. This is a time and money saver. Remember, your outdoor living space should represent the homeowner and the home. Your style can vary from modern, transitional, or even a xeriscape.

What design theme works for your outdoor space?

For your patio design, let's keep the themes simple and easy to remember. There's Modern, transitional, or xeriscape. Modern is definitely, a clean option with clearly defined lines, spaces, and areas. A modern backyard patio will have simple materials, and definition that separate it from just any other room. Fresh finishes such as metal, gravel, and nice wood make a killer combo in patio designs.


Transitional is the most typical in patio ideas. Maybe you have one thing that you like, and your spouse has other ideas. Maybe you like brick, certain plants, and your wife likes concrete and other decor. No problem, let's find a way to blend the ideas into a great patio design for your backyard.

The design theme will make your backyard patio a destination point, and not just another outdoor space. In your design theme be prepared to budget for pergolas, gazebos, pots, plants, furniture and rugs. The true key in planning your backyard patio is to set realistic expectations and stick to the plan.

2) Select what you want to go into your patio.

here's the fun part for your outdoor living space. Take the time to choose what you need in your yard. First, let's start with the basics. Most backyard patios have the big 3. The first is a shade structure such as a patio cover, gazebo, or a pergola. Gazebo's, and patio covers have a roof to keep you cool when the rest of your landscape is hot; Also, these patio haven's will shelter you from the rain.

Next in your back yard patio should have a hardscape such as concrete, pavers, or decking to gather on. Remember, you will be spending the most time in this area so while gravel seems appealing, hardscape will provide the most durability, and look better in your landscape. The first type of hardscape is a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs, or stone tend to be the most affordable and add instant value to your outdoor living space.


Concrete patio near the house

Concrete is a very versatile, because it comes in many colors and textures. All it needs is a good stamp and tint to make it stand out. An alternative in your backyard patio for outdoors. Pavers are a stone that is made of natural material, clay, brick, porcelain, or concrete.

Pavers come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes, versus other materials. This type of stone will also allow for more customization if you like differing patterns and color for your backyard patio ideas.

Take note that pavers tend to be more cost intensive than concrete. Whether you select concrete or pavers your hardscape will five your outdoor living space a destination point that will endure the elements. When it comes to hardscaping your backyard patio just know, bigger isn't always better.

modern backyard patio. Drought tolerant plants

Small patio?

If the backyard is small, then the patio space should adjust to fit properly. If the outdoor space is larger, then consider a bigger patio to accommodate more people, and activities. Also, don't forget to add pathways that can take you from your patio to other spaces within your backyard.

Similar to the floor in your house, walkways need to protect you as you travel from one space to another. To paint a clearer picture, you want sturdy materials such as stone and concrete surfaces that can withstand the heat of the sun or any adverse weather.

Creating walkways

Walkways can have different style, using brick, decor, and plants to decorate as you walk through the space. Walkways connection points are the highways in your backyard. So, consider having extra space in your patio ideas to allow foot traffic to easily move in and out of the space. The look of the hardscape should complement the pergola, and architecture of the home.

3) Outdoor furniture for your patio.

Furniture is a must have for your sitting area, especially around a firepit. This a major key and an outdoor living cheat code. However, it is often an overlooked material when planning for a concrete patio.

The outdoor space needs a part where people can gather, sit and enjoy each other's company. Outdoor furniture that is weatherproofed will turn the patio into THE place to be. The idea is to create a cozy ambiance. So, take time to think about how to use the backyard patio.

Ideas for Entertaining

What activities will be done outdoors, who will be gathering there creating memories?

Do you need lights? planters? If usage entails lounging and relaxing, then consider using sofas, chairs and sectionals with coffee tables to maximize your outdoor living experience. If outdoor dining is a go to for the family, then tables and chairs are a must. Make room in your backyard patio ideas to have seating for everyone.

To Fire pit or not?

A Properly furnished patio is a huge game changer for your backyard patio ideas. Don't sleep on a nice fire pit. This is an awesome way to add seasonal warmth in your backyard patio. If you're looking for inspiration on a budget with your fire pit, then consider a propane tank as an option in your backyard. When the sun goes down, and the weather starts looking grim, a warm fire pit, will definitely add a ton of value in the space.

Water feature

A Water feature are an awesome inspiration for your yard. This is a great idea to patio design, and yes there are great ways to do this on a budget. Make room for a water feature in order to give a relaxing atmosphere in your patio. Also, these double as decor, and is an awesome with other accessories to create a calming effect for patio designs.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

The outdoor fireplace is one of the best places for a small patio or a set of string lights. It is important to have plenty of seating and make sure to have proper covering to make the area safe from poor weather for the long run.

But, there is just something special about a nice firepit in patio designs. If you're looking for inspiration, then look no further. With a firepit, look to create something unique and special. For materials, think of wood, brick, or stone as accent components that act as additional decor.

Hot tub is nice near indoor living space

Having a hot tub is a nice compliment in near the home. This is a separate amenity that warms you up in the cold season and is a great tip for seasonal outdoor living. Since you and your spouse may be seen by neighbors, think about using a trellis with climbing plants to give you privacy in your home.

Also, your hot tub can be close to your fire pit area to give you the ability to go from cold to warm very quickly. Just try to keep these areas clear for foot traffic and avoid having them in the same location as an outdoor kitchen or sitting areas.

Outdoor kitchens

If you enjoy eating outdoors, then you will need an outdoor kitchen. This is no tip, and for nay cook, weekend-chef you don't need a built-in grill to get down outdoors. Keep it simple if the budget gets tight and use a grill instead.

There's a big difference between a built-in grill and a portable are worlds apart. Portable grills give you the ability to move around easier in the space and give you more flexibility in the patio. A built-in grill, adds more destination, and allows more features within a given patio space. Both are great, it just depends on what serves you best.


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